I am deeply committed to critical and activist-oriented leadership and service work.

Most recently, I’ve started as an assistant editor with the new journal Rhetoric, Politics, and Culture, which was founded expressly to intervene in hegemonic whiteness in rhetorical studies and its traditional publication structures. To this end, RPC centers “perspectives that question in/justice, in/equity, power, and democracy and that attend to interlocking structures of power within their geopolitical and historical contexts.”

In addition, I recently ended a two-year tenure as the co-director of Comp Comm, the Graduate Center’s Composition & Rhetoric Community, where I helped organize panels/workshops and bring in speakers from across New York with expertise in composition-rhetoric and related areas. 

I also served as an elected representative on the Diversity Committee of the GC’s English Student Association (ESA), and continue to be very involved with initiatives around representation and social justice in my department, including event programing and admissions.

Through my work as chair of these groups and with the English Student Association, I have helped organize several forums, conferences, panels and speaker series at the CUNY Graduate Center, including the 2018 English department conference, Breaking Through: Textures & Aesthetics of Rupture, and the March 2019 forum Refusing Institutional Whiteness.

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